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The Pilates Studio.

Our Authentic Pilates Studio is a professional, safe, happy environment. We pride ourselves on our high quality Australian made equipment, some of which has been custom built. Over time Liz has curated her favourite props and small apparatus. These unique pieces are small but have such a profound effect on how we move.

But - Pilates is so more than our amazing equipment, it's how we use it! Pilates is a movement discipline, there are layers to the work and principals of movement that guide us. 

All of our studio teachers have a Diploma in Professional Pilates undergoing a minimum year full time study and 400 plus clinic hrs. Once completed each have been through a teaching apprenticeship with Liz. Our team is committed to continuing education and staying current with the latest research exercise science have to offer. Know that you are being taught by some of the best Pilates teachers in Australia has to offer. We are 100% pure Pilates, authentic to the discipline of contemporary Pilates. 

Our Pilates Studio is the home of our clinical sessions. If you would like to book into Reformer classes or Pilates mat classes head to our Yoga Studio

Whats on offer? 

Initial Consultation 


Clinical sessions

Groups of 4



Starting Pilates can be a big decision. Often people start after, or during an injury, a period of time of inactivity, for a specific athletic goal or coming back to Pilates after a break. It is important that we get that initial one on one time to understand your body. We will gather a thorough history and go over past and current injuries and goals.

We use this session as a foundation of education. We cover Pilates breathing and activating your deep core.  As we teach you some essential movements we also do a dynamic postural and movement assessment to identify any patterns that may not be serving you and amplify the one ones that are serving you. From there we can guide you into the appropriate class or clinical session. 

Our small groups of 4 are specific bespoke sessions. You could be in class with a person in rehabilitation from injury, or surgury, professional athlete or just someone wanting a more focused  session for their body. Everyone is doing specific exercises for their bodies and needs. Pilates is for everyone but not every Pilates exercise if for everyone! 

In these sessions we use all of the Pilates equipment. Reformer, Trapeze Table, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector and more. 

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