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"Phoenix Pilates was born in 2013 from the love I have of teaching Pilates. As a retired dancer I know how quality movement impacts the spirit as well as the body. It was after my first child that I truly appreciated how much our bodies evolve through our lives. We are our own phoenix rising through each season. It is my life's work to support people through these evolutions and meet them where they are at rather than one size fits all. We all have the right to feel good in our bodies and love the way we move. Feeling strong and stable in our bodies is a great stepping stone to a healthy life full of spontaneity and zest. For me Phoenix Pilates is far more than a business, it is a community of like minded people"

-Liz Chamas. Founder of Phoenix Pilates. 


The Pilates method is a movement discipline that works the entire body, creating flexibility and core strength. It stimulates the nervous system, increases range of movement, and facilitates functional strength and wellbeing. We LOVE Pilates

We have created a professional, safe, happy environment that houses high quality Pilates equipment some of which has been custom built as a mix of Liz's favourite equipment.

At Phoenix Pilates there is a Group Studio with 6 Reformers, 6 Custom built Phoenix Boards (Spring boards) Spine Correctors and and an endless amount of Pilates Props. We also have a Clinical Studio with all of the traditional Pilates equipment including Trapeze table, Wunda Chairs, Ladder Barrels, Reformers and much much more. We will meet all of your Pilates needs including a Teacher Training facility if you are interested in becoming a Pilates teacher.

All of our studio teachers have a Diploma in Professional Pilates undergoing a minimum year full time study and 400 plus clinic hrs. Once completed each have been through a teaching apprenticeship with Liz. Our team is committed to continuing education and staying current with the latest research exercise science have to offer. Know that you are being taught by some of the best Pilates teachers in Australia has to offer. We are 100% pure Pilates, authentic to the discipline of contemporary Pilates. 

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