Why Pilates?

Pilates isn’t the type of workout where you leave feeling tired and disheveled. Instead you will leave with increased energy levels, a clear, focused mindset and a body that feels strong and in control having been through a challenging workout.


The benifits of pilates are endless but here are just some of the reasons you should give it a go!

Stress and Pain Managment

Phoenix Pilates is all about engaging in mindful movement. Our qualified team will work with you on your specific needs.


One of the keys to a healthy body is stability and mobility (flexibility). We love stretching as much as we love activating muscles. 

Core Strength

We teach you how to activate the deepest layer of your abdominal, back and hips muscles, in other words your core!

Efficiently toning your core muscles will lead to greater mobility in your spine and power and strength in the rest of your body.

Womens Health

The Pelvic Floor is often overlooked in the roll it plays in core strength. We will educate you on how to keep your Pelvic Floor working in working order. During hormonal shifts menaupaause, puberty, having a baby our bodies requirments for exercise change. We are awhere of this and factor it all into how we create you program. 

Weight Loss 

Along with a nutrient dense diet Pilates will assist with any weight loss goals in a safe and effective way. 

Overall Strength 

Pilates is a dynamic form of exercise. You will be moved through your bodies full range of movement under the resistance and assistance of springs. We will help you increase your muscle tone and power.

Injury Prevention

At Phoenix Pilates we will look at your body as a whole and know how to get you to moving to avoid injury. We will guide you away from any bad habits you may have accumulated over time, and fix the "weak links". 

Injury rehabilitation 

Our qualified Pilates teachers  have a strong understanding of bio-mechanics and have all worked extensively with some Australia's best Physiotherapists.  Understanding injuries and knowing what exercises to prescribe will help you on your rehabilitation journey and beyond. 

We are also happy to work with your existing care providers so you get the best treatment plan. 

Pre and Post Natal care 

The years after having a child are particularly challenging on a woman's body. Regaining strength in a nurturing supportive environment is everything to us. All of the teachers at Phoenix Pilates are mothers and understand the nature of this testing time. You will be tested for abdominal separation and we will take extra special care of you, and of course your baby is always welcome.

C Section Rehabilitation

If you have had a cesarean section your body may need some specific rehabilitation (no matter how long ago it was) . A cesarean is a very intrusive surgery, the deep scar tissue can negatively affect your abdominal muscles, hip flexors, back and sometimes your bowel function. Learn from some of our amazing teachers who have themselves walked this path.

Man and woman doing exercise pilates wit