Time for meditation, fitness session, we

REboot 2021

Join us for our 2021 home retreat. We are running DAILY mat class to help set you on the right path for the year ahead. 

Classes are designed with YOU in mind. Revitalising and restorative. Our focus is on centering and strength. Discover the joy of the mat. Learn new tricks for your home practice. We will be using Yammuna release balls and Pilates Small Props. 

When are they?   

 9AM-10:30 AM 






11th Jan - 29th 

Can I come every day? 

YES. (but you will have to prepare your family for the fact that you will have super Pilates powers)


Can I come to 1 or 2 a week? 

YES.You do you! Check out the packs below.

Do I need to book in ?

YES. We still have COVID numbers, and we don't want you to miss out.

How much?

1 class a week $81 ($27 per class)

2 classes a week $132 ($25 per class)

3 classes a week $198 ($22 per class)

5 classes a week $300 ($20 per class)

Casual Pass  $30

Wait...Theres more!

ADD 30 min to the session make it an 1.5 hrs.

Roll it out baby!  

We are adding an optional 30 min to the end of the classes. Ball release bliss! We think this 30 min release is an essential for January but we also respect you may not be able to take 1.5hrs out of your day so its optional! Add $15 per class add on. Yammuna balls provided. 

These classes are not transferable to your studio packs once the retreat finishes the packs expire.

On the bookings page search dates or keep scrolling till you find it. Still having trouble? Send me an email or text and I'll book you in!