As one door closes and another opens...Kind of...
We are going online! 
Phoenix Pilates is taking initiative with COVID 19 and rolling with the punches. Our online program begins as of Monday. The studio will remain in temporary closure until the end of the Easter school holidays. I feel after that we will be able to reassess as our world unfolds before us. This is as much about keeping the business healthy as it is our communities healthy at large. I want to take all measure possible to ensure there will be doors to reopen when the time comes. Please check out my facebook update to hear me chat about this. 
In an uncertain time I am 100% sure about one thing, movement is medicine for our mind and body. 
What do you need?
A mat, towel or soft-is place to move from. A phone, or computer and an internet connection!
We will be using house hold items as Pilates props! You don’t need to kit you house out like a studio. if you don’t have access to some props I will show you how we can make them! (I knew my arts background was going to come in handy eventually!) 
I will also be opening up my wholesale account so you have access to buy your own Pilates props if you choose to! A link to this will come in following emails.
What will you get? 
2 new Pilates mat classes a week and a tutorial. In the first five weeks the tutorials will be based on the  Pilates Principals. The first Pilates Principal is Breath we delve into the anatomy of our breathing muscles and how to tackle the common questions; When do I breathe? Why is it different to yoga breathing? What has breath got to do with my pelvic floor? 
As our online library of classes build I will also add specific classes like back care, knee pain, tech neck to add to your weekly routines as well as movement specific anatomy tutorials. Rosie the skeleton will be great company! ;)
Do I have to register on Monday?
No, you can jump on anytime. Our new online programs will be here to stay. When we are back to normal this will be a great way to add sessions to your studio sessions. 
Will there be a dedicated website?
Not yet but pour me another coffee and I will get back to you with a link! For now I will set up a Vimeo channel and you will receive a link and password to access the content. This will evolve as I learn new tricks. 
Can I use my existing pack as a membership?
Yes! In fact I really encourage you to use your pack this way. I will calculate it and let you know how many weeks you have access with your current pack. If you have a current pack I will send you a seperate email this week. (If you choose not to come online your pack will still remain on pause.) 
How much does it cost?
It is $35 a week, it works out to be $11 a class or tutorial. Pretty good value I think! As the weeks roll on your classes accumulate so you will have a great Pilates library! It will be a direct debit each week you can cancel it with a weeks notice, let’s face it we are all going week by week these days.
How do I buy access/use my existing pack? 
On Tuesday I will send everyone another email/text this will have a link in it and a preview, maybe even a blooper reel!... It is direct debit so you only have to set it up once. You can manage your account online if you need to cancel or put it on hold I can make sure you have access to do that. 
Can my partner, kids, pets join in?
Yes please and send me a picture! I want to see family Pilates time. 
Did you say healthcare workers get a discount? 
Yes I did. Through the coming months these are the people that will be put though a lot of stress. Be what may it will still put a strain on our health care systems. If you work in the healthcare sector please contact me for details. 
Jumping online with me not only brings Pilates your home, but will contribute to making sure our healthcare workers receive the love they deserve. 
Everyone is in my thoughts. I am eternally grateful for your support.
I will chat again with you all on Monday! 

Many Thanks
Phoenix Pilates Studio